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The pension solutions provided by Centraal Beheer APF are transparent and easy to understand, and we guarantee access to information about your pension anywhere, any time

About your pension

About your pension

Logging in to your own personal website, Mijn Pensioen (My Pension)

If you earn retirement credit, you will have access to a personal web page, where you can see exactly how much you have earned in retirement credit, along with the scheduled retirement age and the features of your pension scheme. You can also use the Member Portal to perform easy calculations.

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How secure is your pension?

The amount of your pension is not fixed, as this is determined by a variety of risk factors. Our collective life expectancy is increasing, low interest rates have made pensions more expensive, and investment returns fluctuate significantly. Our pension fund’s funding ratio demonstrates whether we have sufficient funds to pay your pension and those of all other members, now and in the future.

Samen Pensioen

As a pension fund established as a cooperative, we make a point of involving you in all aspects relating to your pension. We have created the Samen Pensioen (“Our Pension”) digital platform for this purpose. This platform contains all the information you need about your pension, including new laws or regulations, and the financial health of Centraal Beheer APF. The stakeholder organisation uses the platform to render account for its finances, while you can use it to influence the services provided by Centraal Beheer APF (since you vote for the stakeholder organisation). Go to Samen Pensioen


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